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>> Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The following script wasn't written by me, it's just a scene that I suffered from just few hours ago.

Date : 24-6-2009
Time : 6.00 pm - 8.00 pm
Venue: FOE CR2045
Characters: Student A, Student B, IS C ( IS stands for international student) , and the Lecturer ( I guess it's not proper to name him out, so I'll use the lecturer to represent him. )

The story started at 6.00 pm when The Lecturer came in. Everyone was restless, particularly those who has just attended Engineering Maths 5 class straight for 2 hours.

He started to explain the syllabus :

The Lecturer : Blah blah blah ... Ok now tell me what's Nyquist Sampling Theorem ? I remember I have taught you before.

Everyone started to look for the note.

The Lecturer : You? You? You? (Pointed to several students)

Everyone kept silent. Some of the students found the answer, which is fs > 2 fm.

The Lecturer : You don't give me equations. You are expected to explain the whole concept not just giving me what equals to what. It's a type of communication. You have to know how to communication with others. You, tell me what's Nyquist Sampling Theorem. (pointed to Student A)

Student A : Blah Blah Blah... (A simple equation of the takes over 20 words to describe it)

The Lecturer : It's not totally correct. Nyquist Sampling Theorem describes ......

He continued lecturing. About half an hour later,

The Lecturer :Blah Blah Blah ... To reduce quantization noise, you need large bandwidth or smaller bandwidth? You ? (Pointed to Student B)

Student B : Larger bandwidth.

The Lecturer : Why?

Student B : ....... ( Silence ) .......

The Lecturer : You know how to answer but you don't know how to explain? You come and sit in front.

Student B took his items and came to front seat grudgingly. The Lecturer then continued his teaching.

After for another half an hour, he gave us a short break for 10 minutes and then he continued.

The Lecturer : Blah blah blah ...... You all learned Analog Communication right? Now, tell me. What's the different between baseband signal and bandpass signal?

The class was in total silence again. Short after while,

IS C : Blah blah blah ...... ( Obviously he was trying to answer the question, but I don't understand what he was talking about.)

After IS C answered the question, The Lecturer smiled. IS C smiled too.

The Lecturer : What do you all think? Is it correct?

After a short while,

The Lecturer : Don't give me bull shit answer.

I noticed the face on IS C. Changed abruptly. Kinda insulting.

The Lecturer : Such a simple thing you all don't know. You all are future engineers, can't even answer a simple question like that. You all are year 3 student, without any basic knowledge. 20 years ago, a year 3 student knew much a lot than you do now. I don't know how you all going to pass your interview and get your first job next time. I don't know how will you survive next time. Don't expect your boss will spoon feed you with the solutions. The boss will give you the task and a deadline. You all have to complete the job no matter what way do you use.

I reckon that he has his point. But I guess it's not so hard to talk properly.

He continued. Until a page in the slides, he highlighted 2 paragraph and ask us to read and understand it. He said the paragraph has contained sufficient information on the next slide.

Short after this, he forwarded to the next slide. It's a graphical representation on Eye Patterns or Eye Diagrams.

The Lecturer : After reading the previous slide, do you know how to draw it ? You? (Pointed to Student B).

Student B shook his head and denied. He started to scold again.

The Lecturer : You all don't know English? You all can score 8As 10As last time, so proud, but you can't even understand a simple english like this. Last time our lecturer never teach this when I was in undergraduate. I have to read refrence books and I have to teach you now.

After another lecture for about 20 minutes, he finally released us. And that was the end of the story.

Though his criticism was justified, it was slightly harsh anyway.



>> Saturday, June 20, 2009

I am currently following this game -> PROTOTYPE.

It's a fine game indeed. Nicely made, imbued with violence and lots of bloody scene. I guess it wont interests the girls unless they like brutality and senseless killing.

PROTOTYPE tells the story of Alex Mercer - a man searching for his past, fighting a secret war in New York City. The secret has been stealth from the public for over 40 years. Mercer has an amazing shape shifting powers allow him to turn into an exact replica and steal the skills or powers of anyone who crosses his path.

Have a look at the trailer:

If you decide to know more about it, just visit the Prototype web site.



>> Tuesday, June 16, 2009

2 weeks before I am right now was just the starting of my holidays. And now, it ended.

I have been watching various personal messages in messengers complaining on the short and abruptly ended holidays.

Well, no complaints, as we had an extra 1 week holidays before our finals in trimester 1 last year, which are allocated specially for Hari Raya.

It's not preferable, but I can't say anything. However, it's more important that you enjoy your holiday. I do, how about you ?

I had a BBQ party with my fellow cousins, just before I came back to Cyberjaya. The party was quite merry. Hereby I post some of the photos taken :

Taking photos before we begin. Just part of us.

Materials and equipments brought for the party.

Started off with some chicken wings and sausages.

Taking photos while grilling the foods. Those free ones were either eating or taking photos.

Final products :)

Taking individual photos. This 2 fellows are really crazy.

Can you sense any similarity with the picture above? Both of them are copy cats =.="
And both of them are just so sampat :)

My Cousin with his gf.

It's an enjoyable party. I'm looking forward to another chance of gathering together next time.

Thats all. Bye.



>> Wednesday, June 3, 2009

In just two days ago, I went to consult a sports specialists (of course he's a doctor) .

After pressing my knee here and there,

over and over,

leaving me in utmost pain,

informed me that my ligament has inflamed

and need to recuperate for 2 to 3 weeks

with Ultrasound Physiotherapy.

This has ate my plans up,

cost me few hundreds

and left me with tons of sighs.

I went for the Physiotherapy Centre last night.

Mostly aged men and women is there with ached back and sore legs.

I'm the youngest of course, and the only one who's having knee problem.

I guess I'll need to take good care of my legs next time.

And a small advice to my friends

Do not compel yourself to continue with more sports if you're injured. It will make it worse.


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