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>> Saturday, July 17, 2010

I read some of my mates blog, and discovered that my blog's link was stacked down to the bottom of the page. Unsurprising, as I didn't keep my blog updated for few months due to "After Work Depressing Syndrome". Haha... That was a crap actually.

Speaking of my work, I do not have much story as working is just keeping loops circulating. Don't have much surprise for my daily routine:

6.30 am : Wakes up tiredly from bed. I sleeps more that I did in Cyberjaya but this is what I just can't explain.

7.10 am - 7.40 am : Drives from house and reaches company. Reaching early doesn't mean I start my work early, as trainees are not allowed to have desktops and I am basically borrowing laptop from company. Getting laptop from people who is late to work is troublesome. I never reach my office late, but there's once I reach office at 8.08 and that breaks my clean record.

8.30 am -8.45 am: Has short breakfast break in company. Breakfast food in canteen used to be nice last time, but not anymore ever since they changed the "service provider".

9.00 am -11.00 am: Starts my daily work. Occasionally, watching my colleague playing minesweeper. Haha ... I think she will see this eventually.

11.00 am - 11.45 am: Starts getting restless, emotionally flies to elsewhere, thinking of where to eat lunch.

12.00 pm - 1.00 pm: I separate this part into 2 parts here. Firstly, eating in company just takes us 15 to 30 minutes. The leftover free time are used to either having a small sleep, completing undone work, playing minesweeper or FB. Need not to say, eating outsides consumes traveling time, which all the unproductive actions after meals are traded for traveling.

1.00 pm - 4.00 pm: Continues my work.

4.00 pm - 4.45 pm: Everyone starts to think something else again. For me and another 2 trainees, we always think on how to spend the unfinished allowance on something like boxes of fruit juice. Why? Particularly it's because the canteen staffs always import those fruit juice in the afternoon, at the time that normally the canteen is empty. Another why? I just don't know the reason. Might have to ask them.

4.58 pm - 5.00 pm : OK, here i particularly stressing the time 4.58 pm as at that time, somebody is shutting down his laptop. Haha ... He just don't want to lost a single minute for the company and normally he is leaving at 5.00 pm, or sometimes 5.01 pm. For myself, I shuts down my laptop at 5 pm and leaves the office at 5.05 pm unless there are uncompleted tasks. However, suffice to say, leaving at 5.05 pm is the latest among the trainees, which makes myself to be understandably proud.

5.30 pm - 6.00pm: Reaching home in this range of time, depending on the traffic. From then, my real life starts :-)


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