>> Friday, May 21, 2010

I finally clicked on the "sign in" button after much struggle. Partly, there are some stories I found it unsuitable to share.

I can't label myself as a hot tempered guy, but recently there is people who made me real mad. To be exact, this fellow blamed twice his fault to me. I kept quiet, but doesn't mean I allowed him to do so. I stepped back as I don't like to quarrel.

Alright, just ignore that. Since I wasn't updating my blog for a long time, perhaps I should update the readers with some information. I just finished my final exam for my Delta year. Moving into the final year of my study, I will be committing my internship in Plexus for 4 months starting from next week.

Just hope that, I will be able to cope with the load full of works to be come. That's all. Bye.


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