Happy Birthday !

>> Friday, July 25, 2008

Happy Belated Birthday once again to my bday boy here. Just finish a consecutive five hours sports here, which took most of my energy away, I am not mentally and physically fit for studies. Thus, I will do a simple update for my blog.

As in the title, somebody has just march through his very last teenage days, here I have to wish him : Congratulations, you are no longer a teenager anymore. You are old already. Wish you having a fruitful and prosperous year. Lol. Why am I wishing people birthday with typical Chinese New Years greetings ? Hahaha ...... Am I creative?

Well, here I am posting some of the pictures taken in the celebration.

B'day Cake !!

Here's the main character :)

My another two house mates.

Hahaha ...... Here comes the intruder. She offended my pc >.<"

Yummy !

I am planning to prepare creams for next year. Be prepared :) Okay, gotta end this. Need to follow up my work. Bye.


" Pather " ?

>> Monday, July 14, 2008

Finally, I am taking my time to update this deadly blog. Partly is because I think I won't be able to do this for the next few weeks.

As time goes by, as usual, we are getting hell lots of assignments and midterm tests. Here, I've to single out that I hate assignments. I guess this is common to everyone. Yah, right, but the main thing I hate about assignments was the deadline plus the coverage. I don't hate the deadline, as well as the coverage, but I'm annoyed when both of them are added up.

Why do I say so? Well, take an instance, you are supposed to submit the assignments by Friday, lets say, but the lecturer will only teach the related topics on either Mon or Tues. It isn't that bad anyway, when the lecturer is not helpful. They will either direct you to some other lecturers:"You should see Mr. blah blah blah, he is in charge of this", or just simply answer you like this :" You are supposed to try the question by yourself......" Worst still, some of the lecturer just don't understand our questions at all. Some of the lecturer really have the enthusiasm, but not the communication skill.

After mentioning about communication skill, makes me feel guilty. Why? It's because I wasn't paying attention in class in these weeks. Between the lecturer and I, there must be some communication problems. As in my micro controller and micro processor subject, I don't understand a single thing what's the lecturer trying to explain. It's either my English is freakingly poor or just because of the "ultimate" slang of the lecturer. Most of the people will agree with the 2nd reason, I suppose? The main case that makes me salute him was the pronunciation of the word "father" to "pather". Obviously, I got a red underline under the word when I type the word "pather" in any of my program.

Well, thanks for listening to my grumbles. That's all for now. Gotta finish up my works. Bye.


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