Christmas Celebration

>> Sunday, December 28, 2008

Alright, kinda upset now, for not able attend the reunion gathering that will be held by fellow primary friends tomorrow.

Since I have some free time now, I gonna post some Christmas decorations in malls. It was a great event indeed, however it's not very much significant to those non-Christians, so do I. I don't eat turkeys, exchange presents and organizing parties(there were small ones, but not big ones) in Christmas. What I do for the past 20 years was, hanging around malls, getting to feel the liveliness that Christmas has brought to me.

And I still remember last time, when I was small, I did hung one side of sock on the window, hoped to get something from Santa Claus. Yeah, I received something, but in the meantime I knew it was my parents, who worked hard to fulfill the dreams of their children. Though words are not spoken by me, I still wish to let them know, I love them.

Year after year, when I started to get elder, I have traveled from place to place in Christmas. I traveled to Singapore, just a few years back. That's the most recent Christmas travels before my Genting trip in the past few weeks in this year. Few years after that, after I committed to MMU, I started to celebrate with my friends. I didn't go for countdowns these years as I know, countdowns are not for those who're using public transports. Sad.

After every few years, there's a turning point. I am wondering what will be done in Christmas in the next few years?

I took this from Time Square.

One Utama.


After Christmas, upcoming New Year will be much awaited. Hence, I wish everyone here Happy New Year !


Excel Good !

>> Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A short and simple update from me. I am trying not to left out my blog completely just as I did for the past few weeks.

I would like to congratulate cyberprenuership Excel team here. You all did a good job. Particularly outstanding. Personally think that you all are much better than mine last time. I can see you all paid hard works on it, worth a deserving A.

There's a part in the slide that I wished that I could join you all, which is the part of the video that displayed the thumb-up of everyone beside the "Moneyman" and saying " Excel Good !". That was fun, at least they can get themselves into the camera.

Excel, take the express ! (Sorry for quoting your slogan, helping you all to promote it, just in case you all are continuing, but I think it's not probable :P ).

Well that's it. Good night.


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