First Cooking Attempt

>> Saturday, June 28, 2008

First Cooking Attempt, a name from Kenny, already mentioned that it's our first time in cooking. However, it's not my very first time but to somebody else --> Wyne, ya it is. It's normal though, as everyone just cook mee and egg in the house, isn't it, I suppose?

At first just both of the guys are cooking, but wyne decided to join us after my benevolent invitation.3 of us were playing inside the kitchen for over 1 hour, and finally we managed to turn something which I think it's respectable out. I'm not whether it's respectable or not. So you guys give me comments on it. And our kitchen, undeniable, is in a big mess. Hahaha ...

Well. This is our chicken.

This is our chicken and vegetables. Not bad looking huh?
However, it's just bitter. Ahh ......

Well, probably this is the nicest dish we had.
As, it's my production. Lol.

Due to special request, I uploaded this photo.
As the cook (Wyne) wants to. Nice looking huh ?
But I have to mention,I'm the master of her. Hahaha .....

Jumble up would be like this. Looks like a pork rice
from Karen Mok in Stephen Chow's Movies right ?
Here, we are done !

To those pro cook, this is surely a laughter to you all. Hahaha ... Well, it's ok. At least we do learn how to cook. As staying outside should learn how to take care of ourselves.

I discovered that quite a number of people are viewing my blog. So here I wish to thank all of you guys for your support. Feel free to give any comments on my post or my blog. Stay tuned !!


End Of Holidays

>> Sunday, June 15, 2008

Well, before I forget, my result was bad. Everything was fine but just I got a bloody "B" for my algorithm and data structures. Doubt, how will my micro-controller and micro-processor going on in this semester? I do like programming but I am weak in that. Funny huh?

Finally, shifted all the things into my new house. I like my new house. However, have to start schooling back tomorrow. Not in the mood now. Kinda short holiday this time. 3 weeks of holidays just flied away like that. And I couldn't see some of my friends back. Sad. To these friends:

Gabriel: It's nice to see you every time I come back. Thanks for extracting your precious time for me. Really appreciate it.

Bernald: Just manage to see you at least in eleventh hour. Glad to see you're doing fine in your course. Looking forward to seeing you again in August.

Lee: Hmp ... Too bad, I couldn't meet you in this holiday. Timing is just bad. Sad. And this is the 1st time i couldn't see you in my holiday. Hope to see you more in MSN.

Kenneth: I have no sense of seriousness from you. Hope to see you in MMU if you're "serious". Lol.

Xianna: Glad to see you back after a two and a half years away from last time. Not much changes for you. But just looks prettier. I enjoyed the day with you and the Goh family. Hehe. Hope to meet you more next time.

Yew: Too bad, I just manage to meet you once in a year. But not this time. I think by the time you come back I already went back to Cyberjaya. Looking forward for more basketball-ing with you next time.

To some of the other friends, I'm sorry as sometimes time doesn't allow. But I do appreciate times with you all. Good luck to all of you.

Don't appreciate after losing it.


L'oiseau Bleu

>> Sunday, June 8, 2008

Just uploaded a song. The name is "L'oiseau Bleu". However, I don't what does "L'oiseau Bleu" mean also. I don't even know what language is that also. Hehe.

It's a sad song. So don't listen it when you're sad. I cannot guarantee what will happen next. Lol.



>> Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Ah... It's getting nearer and nearer. To what ? My result's releasing date. Kinda regret for not paying much efforts in my finals last time. Sad.

Surely, everyone including me will think that " If I got more time, I can study more... etc." However, confess, if I got more time, I will surely spend the time on somewhere else but not in my studies. Hahaha ......

Too bad. Our final exams were cascaded together. 4 exams in a week, and my MUET exams weren't included. Total up would be 6 exams in a week. Cheers ! And I forgot almost everything before my exams T_T

In fact, nights before the exams, everyone was like a "heavy-duty" battery. Some did not sleep for the whole night also. Salute! Really "heavy-durable". Ironically, I am not. Sad.

Well, that's all for today. Have to wish myself luck. Hahaha ... Lens, Good Luck !



>> Sunday, June 1, 2008

Just posted a poll. Let me know what language do you all wish to see from my blog. Thanks ya.


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